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Gondolas in Design, GinD ?

A Spain based company with worldwide distribution, specializing in the design, manufacturing and installations of fa?ade access machines for cleaning and maintenance, fulfilling the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, safety, and applicable regulations for each individual market.


Our products are manufactured with components of European origin and always acquiring the maximum quality parameters.

GinD has ongoing projects in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.



GinD exceeds the most stringent international standards for safety and quality. Our machines have been approved by the government of Hong Kong for installation in their country. In addition, our machines have the approval of the New York State Department of Labor for the installation of our systems.

GinD has earned a certificate from the European Community UNE-EN 1808 safety platform for variable low-level suspended design criteria, construction and stability. GinD has also earned approval from Under writer’s Laboratories to allow exportation to the U.S. and our team are incorporated in the Official Registry for plants in Spain.


“高德”贏得了歐洲共同體UNE-EN 1808對于變量低懸平臺的安全設計和關于建設和穩定性的證書?!案叩隆币搏@得批準,基于實驗室結果允許出口到美國,同時我們的團隊與西班牙官方的擦窗機注冊平臺密切合作。


Mr. Hugo Donoso - General Manager

Mr. Hugo Donoso has University training in Economics and industry experience of more than ten years with senior management within the company. Mr. Donoso has undertaken and managed over two hundred projects across the world. Some of these locations include: UK, Netherlands, USA and Hong Kong. His development of projects have been realized with worldwide consultants, architects and General Contractor Companies such as Foster, Pelli, Pei, Hok, Som, Richard Rogers, Rafael de la Hoz, among others.

東羅索.雨果先生 - 總經理

雨果先生在大學學習經濟學并與公司的高級管理人員有超過十年的行業經驗。雨果先生在全球有超過兩百個項目管理的經驗。項目的地點包括:英國,荷蘭,美國和香港。他所參與研發項目被全球的顧問公司廣泛承認,包括建筑師和總承包商公司如福斯特,Pelli,PEI,Hok,SOM,Richard Rogers,拉斐爾德拉薩及其他。


Mr. Enrique Serrano - Engineering Director

The “know-how” within our industry. Mr. Serrano’s innovative designs and adaptability to the geometry to each building make him the key player for solving the needs commensurate with each client.

Mr. Serrano holds a degree in Engineering and is one of the most experienced technical engineers at the worldwide level. Our Director of Engineering has over 15 years of experience, has designed over 900 machines world-wide (many of these flagship projects), and has a reputation known for creativity and innovation.





Mr. Gio Savinovich - President GinD USA

Mr. Savinovich has over 25 years of experience in the U.S. market. His expertise involves manufacturing, installation and preventive maintenance to ensure years of quality service. Mr. Savinovich is experienced in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets. He is recognized for his ability to provide the best solution for any sized project. His recognition of worldwide architects, owners, consultant and General contractor makes him an industry expert, capable of handling the most challenging projects with honesty and integrity.

吉奧.薩維諾維奇- “高德”美國總經理


GinD? Manufacturing Capability and Innovation

Gondolas in Design, GinD?

Manufactures its products in-house with its own equipment. GinD Due to common ownership at the Galvanizing plant, Painting cabins and cutting edge plasma equipment, GinD controls the delivery and quality to our customers and not dependent on third party companies during the process. The manufacturing facility is 5,000 square meters and equipped with the latest generation of welding and plasma equipment; we employ more than 50 skilled technicians.



After Sales Clean

Gondolas in Design, GinD ?

Offers one stop shopping for customers, in other words we provide maintenance of the equipment and fa?ade cleaning in one single contract, resulting in one vendor for both duties. Our service personnel have extensive electrical, mechanical and electronic experienced in the field.

The Maintenance Services offered includes:

? Full service. Extended warranty.

? Taylor Made contract, dependent on frequency requirements.

Our capabilities allow us to provide the following optimum services on:

? Existing gondolas.

? Climbers.

? Robotic systems.

?Auxiliary systems.




  1. 全面維護服務。延長保修期。

  2. 泰勒式訂立合同,取決于頻率要求。


  1. 現有的擦窗機。

  2. 爬升機

  3. 機器人系統

  4. 輔助系統 (材料、貨物吊等)

Quality and Environment

Gondolas in Design, GinD, meets international standards. We have the Approval by the Department of Labor from

New York, USA for the installation of our systems. We have the certificate of the European Community UNE-EN 1808

safety level for suspended platforms variable under design criteria, construction and stability.

Within the philosophy of GinD is an important environmental protection (GREEN) therefore all our projects are studied

by assessing the minimal impact possible into the environment. As a result, we generate and recycle waste materials

by firms that are approved for recycling.


“高德”符合國際標準。我們得到了紐約勞動部對于我們系統安裝的批準?!案叩隆睋碛袣W洲共同體UNE-EN 1808對于變量低懸平臺的安全設計和關于建設和穩定性的證書。



The Best Products Market

Our facilities include a flexible configuration system that allows us to manufacture and provide customized low cost solutions.

Our latest generation process and products are recognized in the market as the GinD brand which offers simple solutions to very complex projects.

We have a wide range of solutions characterized by a high quality finish, detailed and personalized to the characteristics of a specific building.

GinD has a team of distinguished engineers who have designed and installed hundreds innovative and complex solutions worldwide.

Our concept of manufacturing “Taylor made” allows us to develop more than a thousand solutions. These thousand solutions have been grouped into four families product.









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